A Home for Isle of Wight Thalassophiles

Sandown Bay Heaven

More Than Just Sea Swimming

Says it all really – spot the smiles 😊 www.sassyproductionsiow.com – brilliant! Some terrific other videos on youtube too!

As an ocean geek I do try and remember to record the conditions each day, generally in Sandown Bay. Interestingly the weather details vary depending on which app you use, likely due to aliasing and the way algorithms are crunched. The sea temperature and wave data are taken from the Channel Coastal Observatory data buoy in Sandown Bay, roughly opposite Sandown Zoo (coordinates 50.65033, -1.12998) https://www.channelcoast.org/data_management/real_time_data/charts/?chart=80&tab=ld&disp_option=

A little note – ‘the wind is blowing from your direction’ – i.e. a southerly wind is blowing FROM the south, whereas a southerly current flows TO the south… not confusing at all!

It’s All About People

Many of us think that Outdoor Swimmers are slightly anarchic, free spirits and indeed there seems to be a huge number of creative people in our groups. Many will be featured here.

Healthy Minds

There is growing evidence that immersing yourself in cold water, particularly with other like-minded people, can have a positive effect on mental health. We explore this evidence.

Isle of Wight Beaches

The Isle of Wight has some of the best beaches and hence swimming spots that can be enjoyed, often, year round.


For more information

Facebook: Outdoor Swimming Isle of Wight


Swimming Groups & Times

  • Salty Seabirds Saturday 1030 Sandown Bay
  • Gurnard Dippers Sunday 0900 Opposite the Woodvale Pub
  • Ryde Merfolk – according to the tide