Mini review – Gloves and Socks / Boots

If anyone has any other recommendations – let me know. User experience is so valuable. These reviews will also be available under Kit, Hints and Tips

Blue Seventy Gloves – I do wear gloves and socks in the colder weather, my current ones are made by Blue Seventy ( socks, £15 to £37.50, gloves, £27 to £35) I am disappointed that the gloves have started coming apart after less than a year though. Would I buy them again? Probably not, too much of a ‘throw away’ product.

C-Skin 3mm gloves £24.99 (as reviewed by fellow sea swimmer) Feel well insulated, good fit, don’t ‘flap’ when swimming. Seem to keep hands warm, easy to put on and off, quick to dry. Cons: none. Would buy again.

Blue Seventy swim socks – Initially delighted with these – they even seem to have a left and right BUT despite having a textured bottom, large holes have appeared in the bottom. At £37.50 direct, I would shop around as they are not robust enough for frequent use. As they wear out quickly if you walk over any hard surface either wear e.g. Crocks over them or flip flops and put the socks on when you reach the water and then put the flipflops up the back of your swimsuit! 

Orca 3mm Socks – £29.00 (as reviewed by fellow sea swimmer) Pros: Very comfy, like wearing nothing. Seem to keep feet warm, easy to put on and off, lightweight and dry quite quickly. Cons: Can feel a little lightweight, flimsy. Year on, let in water so have ‘jelly’ feet. Would buy again. Ed: Currently seem to be only available from Orca (see link above)

Neoprene Sock liners – aka Bread bags – worn in tight neoprene socks greatly aid getting on and off without ripping your QL. Not sure if bread bags count as kit but they work and they’re virtually free and they don’t fall off 😊 Also, it doesn’t matter what type of bread you like! (Is there an emoji for tongue in cheek?)

Published by Victoria Thorneton-Field

Oceanographer, writer, advocate for mental health and environmental issues, all-year-round sea swimmer, located on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

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