Sea Swim Junkies

We feel furtive approaching the designated spot. Who else will be there? What will they have with them? Will it be better than my ‘stuff.’ Can we spot them, the eclectic dress, the bags of kit? Is that a meander or a purposeful walk? The gathering begins….and then….we are spotted!

And we had a blast! The waves seemed gentle, if large, the wind caught their tops, the spray glistening in the, albeit brief, sunshine. Glorious! Then hot drinks and chats at the Isle of Wight Zoo. What a way to start the day.

Accuweather 7 degrees, real feel -1, wind W, 35 km/h, gusting 54, pressure 986. Met office, 7 degrees, real feel 2, wind WSW, 33 km/h, gusting 58, pressure 986. Channel Coastal Observatory, wave height 0.88m, max 1.2m (this dropped from twice this at 8am.) Sea temp 8.6 degrees.

Published by Victoria Thorneton-Field

Oceanographer, writer, advocate for mental health and environmental issues, all-year-round sea swimmer, located on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

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