Virtual Swim Trip – Good Friday 2020

I would like to invite you to join me on a virtual swim trip to Penzance. The virtual highways are quite crowded but once there, we can relax and watch the waves lapping and the rippling patterns being created – ever-changing, mesmerising.

There is, luckily, a data buoy and amazingly the sea temperature is 11.5 degrees, Sandown Bay is 9.8!!

If it’s okay with you, I thought we could stay a couple of days, leave later today – we can catch the virtual train there and back, return Sunday? Then we can swim at all of the following beaches, Perranuthnoe Beach, Marazion Beach, Lamorna Cove Beach, Long Rock Beach, Praa Sands Beach ( as well as visit St Michael’s Mount, have a non-fattening virtual cream tea, pretend to sunbathe and maybe take a trip and see if we can spot some of the diverse marine life – dolphins, sunfish, basking sharks – that inhabit these waters.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do this for real in the summer!

Published by Victoria Thorneton-Field

Oceanographer, writer, advocate for mental health and environmental issues, all-year-round sea swimmer, located on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

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