Beauty and the Beach 24 – 26 May 2020

One of the things I love about sea swimming and the beach is the ever-changing nature of the landscape, more quickly than any other natural environment because of the tides. The different sand colours (the bottom of my feet were orange, the tops, mainly black, and the sides of my legs, ‘sand’ coloured yesterday) are fascinating, the ripples and height of the sand, ever-changing, the ‘holes’ that seem to appear and disappear randomly underfoot. I really must sort out my drone as from above I bet the patterns look even more stunning than those in the photo below.

Definitely back in the water now! A double-dip on Saturday, I managed to limit myself to just one on Sunday, then two Bank Holiday Monday and so far, one today although given the weather I can already hear the sea calling…….

Sunday 24/5/2020: Accuweather temp 15 degrees, real feel 12, wind W 44 km/h, gusting 54, pressure 1031 – high! Met office 14 degrees, real feel 12, wind W 23km/h, gusting 38, presser 1031. Channel Coastal Observatory 0.31m wave height, max 0.42, sea temp 13.3.

Monday 25/5/2020: Car said 210 Accuweather, 18, real feel 21, wind NE 9km/h gusting 11, pressure up to 1035.1. Met Office 150 real feel also 15, wind NE 5km/h gusting 8, pressure 1035. Channel Coastal Observatory 0.15m max 0.2, sea temp 13.5.

Monday evening: Car = 180, Accuweather 160 real feel 18, wind WSW 9km/h gusting 11, pressure 1034.9. Met Office 190 real feel 17, wind S 19 km/h gusting 23, pressure 1035. Channel Coastal Observatory wave height 0.2m max 0.28, sea temp 13.7.

Tuesday 26/5/2020 08.15 Accuweather 190, real feel 23, wind SSE 4 km/h gusting 6, pressure very high at 1036.3. Met Office 180 real feel 17, wind NNW 9 km/h gusting 11 (bizarre – probably to do with aliasing). Channel Coastal Observatory wave height NONE existent! 0.1m max 0.15, sea temp 13.8!!

I will finish putting all of the above for the last couple of years into a spreadsheet – it’s interesting for us sea-geeks!

Published by Victoria Thorneton-Field

Oceanographer, writer, advocate for mental health and environmental issues, all-year-round sea swimmer, located on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beach 24 – 26 May 2020

  1. Lovely picture! I enjoy reading your musings about all things sea, Victoria. Glad to hear you are back in your natural habitat at last x


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