Dots and mini-mountains

I think that we all appreciate just quite how lucky we are to live on this beautiful island and if you love throwing yourself into the sea then it’s just about perfect. BUT we have all been very careful and it’s quite amusing to look back at the beach and see everybody’s kit, two metres apart (mind you, for me, it’s perfect as I seem to take up at least that amount of space wherever I am – ”kit spreading?’) The ‘dots’ refers to the way spread ourselves not just two metres apart but also, in socially distanced groups, dotted along the beach at Yaverland. The sea was choppy but swimmable and we then swam towards each other and stopped within shouting distance – perfect šŸ˜Š I think there were about 15 or so people, some of whom we’d not seen since pre-lockdown and it was lovely to catch up even though I have a sore throat today from shouting!

The water is hovering around 16 degrees and after a few really flat, calm days, the waves have returned so swimming longer distances is challenging but hopefully this week the calm is set to return and we can start those lovely, long, languid swims that we enjoy. Oh and I have found an answer to the tow-flow entanglement when the wind is in the wrong direction – i put the tow float strap between my legs – seems to work.

The mini mountains refer to the naturally sculpted sand in-between the groins along Sandown Beach towards the zoo. This was the steepest, part natures beautiful and ever-changing artistic whim.

Published by Victoria Thorneton-Field

Oceanographer, writer, advocate for mental health and environmental issues, all-year-round sea swimmer, located on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

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