Mini review – Gloves and Socks / Boots

If anyone has any other recommendations – let me know. User experience is so valuable. These reviews will also be available under Kit, Hints and Tips Blue Seventy Gloves – I do wear gloves and socks in the colder weather, my current ones are made by Blue Seventy ( socks, £15 to £37.50, gloves, £27 toContinue reading “Mini review – Gloves and Socks / Boots”

You really do ‘get what you pay for’

Last year I decided to take the plunge and buy a waterproof camera – it wasn’t expensive but the reviews weren’t bad. What a mistake! the first one took weeks to arrive despite the dates promised and it lasted three uses. then it stopped charging. After some considerable hassle it was replaced. The second oneContinue reading “You really do ‘get what you pay for’”