All in a spin – Saturday 4 July 2020

Last Monday evening it was rough but the allure was too strong and after a lovely 20 minutes playing in the waves I felt a little heady which was worse Tuesday morning but again, the addiction was too much. I was spun by a wave and WOW, my head spun so much that I hadContinue reading “All in a spin – Saturday 4 July 2020”

Sun & Sea – 27 May to 1 June

I have, somehow, been in the sea NINE times since last Wednesday and, like many sports, its the non-swim time that seems to eat the minutes; there’s the flask prep, kit check (although the kit list is rapidly diminishing as the weather warms,) drive over…then the best bit, the swim or ‘frolicking in the rollocking’Continue reading “Sun & Sea – 27 May to 1 June”

Beauty and the Beach 24 – 26 May 2020

One of the things I love about sea swimming and the beach is the ever-changing nature of the landscape, more quickly than any other natural environment because of the tides. The different sand colours (the bottom of my feet were orange, the tops, mainly black, and the sides of my legs, ‘sand’ coloured yesterday) areContinue reading “Beauty and the Beach 24 – 26 May 2020”

Where there are people, there is litter! 22/5/2020

A delightful, if slightly choppy, dip this morning. The water is definitely warming up and in Sandown Bay is about 13 degrees. I ponder at times why I feel such an urge to sea swim and can never quite put my finger on it. I do know that ‘problems’ seem to become ‘challenges’ post-swim. AsContinue reading “Where there are people, there is litter! 22/5/2020”

Socially Distanced Sea Swimming

Several weeks later…..after quite a few non-swimming swimming group zooms (when I remembered!) I decided to quietly slip back into the water now that we are able to do so. We’ve been going quite early and / or away from other people and have encountered only quizzical ‘rather you than me’ looks. The water isContinue reading “Socially Distanced Sea Swimming”