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The science, art, and loveliness of swimming. It is difficult to put into words WHY we love stripping of warm layers of clothing and wandering into a body of water that is far below body temperature, all year round, in freezing weather conditions with, often, free body scrubs with lashing sand, but we do. There is also more anecdotal evidence that it can be good for both body and soul.

Without being strictly scientific, this page is dedicated to gathering this evidence together and, hopefully, to build on this growing pastime – as if we needed more encouragement!

In the recent BBC series, Easy Ways to Live Well, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall took the plunge and says he feels less overall stress in his life.

Most of us need help at times but often the hardest part can be asking. How many times have you responded “fine” when someone asks “How are you?” Remember that almost everybody has been in a similar position at some time in their lives.

If you think that a self-help book may help, I found a leaflet in the library ‘Reading Well for Mental health’ and it may be that there is something here that could be of benefit. These books should be available at the library.

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