It's All About People

We have some very talented people among our merry band including artists, potters, jewellery makers, well-being therapists for both physical and mental well-being. Below is the first of what I hope are many pieces that will be appearing here.

Double dippers
Slothful grey and lying in bed 
Is it worth the effort? Am I feeling dead?
But felt bouyed the previous evening 
Know that I will benefit from the feeling
Dressed in damp wetsuit I drive to Sandown
The main street depressing and wind-blown
Gradually the dry robes begin to appear
The hidden sea junkies are here!
The wind is blowing and the waves crash
It is Biosphere anniversary, we make a dash
Cutting through the slaps of the grey green wash
The international cruise ships lurk on the horizon watch
The toes are freezing the call is nigh
Slowly the girls in 50s costumes start to emerge thigh by thigh
The chat on the beach is vibrant and alive
Yep, the double dipping just does it, to make us thrive.

Perdita Gergaud June 2020
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